Them's Fightin' Herds Wiki


  • Honored Mother, give me strength. Honored Father, give me courage.
  • It is my solemn duty to save Fœnum.

Pre-round Introduction[]

  • Come, show me your power!
  • If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight.
  • I will defeat you so soundly, your ancestors will become dizzy!
  • I hope you have been keeping up with your training.

Tianhuo as Player 1[]

  • You can never win! (Tianhuo)
  • Now to fight fire with fire! (Tianhuo)
  • At last we shall see who is stronger: ice, or fire! (Velvet)
  • Dark magic? You walk a dangerous road, forsaken one. (Oleander)
  • Life is no fairy tale, unicorn. You will find no happy ending here. (Oleander)
  • Remember: it is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. (Pom)
  • Let me hear your battle cry! (Pom)

Tianhuo as Player 2[]

  • Then I will fight forever! (Tianhuo)
  • I fight everything with fire! (Tianhuo)
  • So ice queen, let us see how fast you melt! (Velvet)
  • It is fire, and it will most certainly hurt - hurt you. (Arizona)
  • You have heart, young one. Let me break it for you. (Arizona)
  • How dare you insult me?! That was an insult, right? (Paprika)
  • Stop wasting my time, you foolish fleabag! (Paprika)
  • Find your courage, little one, and face me! (Pom)
  • Banish fear, if you hope to embrace victory! (Pom)


  • Crack! (Firecracker)
  • Hya! (Firecracker)
  • Ash! (Volcanic Ash)
  • Haya! (Volcanic Ash)
  • Bash! (Volcanic Bash)
  • Wotaah! (Volcanic Bash)
  • Crash! (Volcanic Crash)
  • Smoldering kick! (Men Shao Ti)
  • Cyclone fire kick! (Men Shao Ti)
  • Xuán huǒ tī!/Sheng Ho Ti! (旋火踢) (Men Shao Ti)
  • Burning winds! (Ran Shao Feng)
  • Ránshāo fēng! (燃烧风) (Ran Shao Feng)
  • ENOUGH! (Flames of Huoshan)
  • All future generations will come to revere their true saviors: The Empire of Huoshan! SKY FIRE! (Flames of Huoshan)
  • Now it's my turn! (recovery)
  • I see! (recovery)
  • Well done... again! (recovery)
  • No more games! (recovery)
  • Impressive! (recovery)
  • A worthy opponent. (recovery)
  • Halt! (block)
  • Close! (throw and throw escape)
  • Is this the warmup? (taunt)
  • Training's over, now give me your all! (taunt)
  • You call this fighting? (taunt)
  • Stop trying to hit me, and hit me! (taunt)
  • You disappoint me. (taunt)

Round Complete[]

  • A match well fought, but not well enough.
  • Like a moth to the flame.
  • You're not a warrior, yet. You have much to learn.
  • With every lesson comes understanding.
  • Do not let defeat be the end.
  • You fight well. (timeout)



  • "If fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!" is a Sun Tzu quote.
  • "Then I shall fight forever!" May be a reference to the line "If there can be no victory, then I will fight forever" from Magic: The Gathering.